Humans of Redefine BeYOUtiful Series

We will be starting a series called “Humans of Redefine BeYOUtiful” – We want to hear from you! What do you think makes you beautiful? Is it your birthmark, your sense of humour or your smile? We want to know what your tips are for young women struggling to live up to the unobtainable definitions of  beauty portrayed by advertisers!

Here is our first Human of Redefine BeYOUtiful:


“Simple things can be beautiful in and of itself. I’ve always been taught to be kind and caring to my friends, so I always endeavor to do this. What I may find beautiful isn’t the same as how others define beauty so I won’t let advertisers set an unrealistic standard for me. Instead, I focus on accepting myself and being more confident in my own skin”

Let us know!

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