Humans of Redefine BeYOUtiful #2: Anindya

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My favourite features are probably my button nose, but most importantly I think that what makes me beautiful is my friendly personality. Beauty fades but your person is forever. To me, inner beauty is definitely more important than attempting to live up to what advertisers portray. If you look at ads over years, the definition of  physical beauty always changes – you can never reach perfection because there is no such thing as perfection. Also, most of the time what you see isn’t what you get… we all know how much ads are altered but the one thing you cannot alter is your inner beauty because that is forever.

I say,  never compare yourself to others and remember no one is perfect, so embrace the qualities that make you unique as that is what makes you beautiful

By KV.


One thought on “Humans of Redefine BeYOUtiful #2: Anindya

  1. “you can never reach perfection because there is no such thing as perfection”- this resonated a lot with me and is something that I think is so important to keep in mind when we get all these images of seemingly perfect people in media. Achieving any standard of ‘perfection’ or betterment should be one we set for ourselves and are happy with because they are fulfilling for us, rather than what we believe we should be reaching. It’s easy to forget how personal and multifaceted such an idea of perfection can be when we are bombarded with a view that focuses so wholly on an external, superficial image! Really great food for thought!


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