Humans of Redefine BeYOUtiful #4: Gabriella


Today we talk to 23-year-old  PhD student Gabriella, about what she believes makes her beautiful:

When I was first asked the question of ‘what do I think make me beautiful?’, I find it really hard to answer this question about myself. But, at the ripe old age of ‘almost’ 24, I think I’m coming to learn that beauty is something which comes from within, not necessarily the way you look which is the way that I used to see it, like most girls and young women. It’s so easy to buy into what advertisers tell you – beauty is being thin, having tanned skin or fair skin, have long and luscious hair and basically looking like a model, but I don’t think this is necessarily what beauty should encompass.

The qualities which one person finds beautiful in someone will be completely different to those which someone else will admire. Someone may find someone with long hair beautiful, others may find someone with a pixie cut beautiful. Also, the truth of the matter is beauty is not simply what you look like physically – I find someone’s personality to be one of the most beautiful things about them. Their quirks, their humour, their personality – every unique thing that makes them who they are.

If there’s anything that I would like to say to young girls, it’s that they should not try to So o fit into some ‘beautiful mould’ portrayed by advertisers because if we did, we would all be the same height, weight and have the same look. Wouldn’t that be boring! Everyone is born different for a reason, everyone is born with different personalities and different looks. Embrace your uniqueness and be your beautiful self because in all honestly, often it is your biggest insecurity which other people actually find to be most beautiful about you!



3 thoughts on “Humans of Redefine BeYOUtiful #4: Gabriella

  1. Definitely agree! Dove did an excellent campaign a while ago about whether women would walk through a door labelled ‘beautiful’ or ‘normal’. I think based on how many women wanted to walk through the ‘normal’ door but were encouraged by other people to walk through the ‘beautiful’ door shows how differently other people see us.


  2. To me beauty definitely more than skin deep, and this is why I agree with Gabriella’s comment that personality is a big factor to be considered. The people that I deem beautiful is often based off their personality, their quirks, and their charisma, and it is these elements that add to their charm. In today’s age where people try so hard to conform to society’s superficial and arbitrary standards of beauty, from the latest hairstyle, having biceps, or the perfect tan etc, I think people often forget to step back from their tainted perceptions of beauty, due to the media, and look within themselves to decipher what being beautiful means to them. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so why shouldn’t that beholder be solely you?


  3. What a great message! I wish more young people would read this and believe they are beautiful. It’s so empowering to hear such a young woman speak so openly and honestly about the concept of beauty


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