Humans of Redefine BeYOUtiful #5: Lisha

10925471_10204664315746287_8231968230016362_oToday we talk to Lisha about what she thinks makes her beautiful:

I’d like to think that my derpiness, at times wittiness and desire to have fun ALL the time makes me “beautiful”, or at least its what other people have told me they love about me.

I think its so much more important than looking classically “pretty” – someone telling me that they think I’m fun or love being around me is of so much more value than “you look pretty today”. It makes me more confident in being who I am and saying what I want. As ridiculous cliche as it sounds, I know that person values ME, and will love me no matter what, instead of loving the way I dress or my makeup.

Don’t get me wrong – dressing up or putting on makeup is a fantastic way to make yourself FEEL beautiful if thats what you feel like doing! But it is nowhere near the most important thing.

Tip: think of the nicest, sweetest or funniest person you know. Does thinking about them make you smile? When I think about the nicest person I know, beautiful as a word doesn’t even cut it! Thats the type of person you can be – a person who makes everyone smile. Everyone has something – the way they laugh, the bad jokes they tell, the way they dance – that the people around them love them for.

Much more than the way you look, these are the things that define you – embrace those qualities and don’t be afraid to use them! People will love you for it.

What do you think dear readers? Are qualities that define you more important than being ‘beautiful’?



2 thoughts on “Humans of Redefine BeYOUtiful #5: Lisha

  1. This is such a great and inspiring post! ❤ I love the positive messages in this post and I think it needs to be spread around for everyone to hear. I know I would feel much better if someone told me that they enjoyed my company more than just a compliment of "you're pretty today". Both compliments are good but I know that even on those days where I don't put effort into how I look, or I think I look absolutely unpresentable, the people around me would still love me for who I am.


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