Humans of Redefine BeYOUtiful #6: Navila


Today we talk to Navila about what she believes makes her beautiful and her tips for body and self-confidence:
I think what makes me beautiful is that I’m a bit of a derp but I like that it makes people laugh (even if it’s at me). I don’t definemy beauty by my looks because I think beauty comes from within and for me, being fun-loving and helping others help fun is what beauty means to me. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking, “I’m not beautiful enough because I don’t have perfect skin” or “To be beautiful I need to weigh 40kgs” especially when it’s the kinds of images of beauty that you’re often being bombarded with, but then what’s the beauty in constantly worrying if you’re living else to someone else’s skewed expectation – especially when the motivation behind their expectation is to get you to buy a mascara, a diet product (that probably doesn’t even work!) or clothes that half the population cannot fit into!
I think prettiness in advertising is subjective, and it doesn’t determine anyone’s value as a person. Just because you don’t look like Gigi Hadid in her Guess ads, doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful. There are definitely more important things, like feeling good about yourself for your unique qualities and those qualities are not simply your physical attributes.
My tips for girls or young women struggling to love their bodies in a world constantly telling them not to is to think WWKIS? (That’s ‘What would Kayla Itsines say?’ HAHA) and you know what she did say? “If you could see for yourself, just for a day, you could see how everyone else sees you. And my god, you are beautiful”! I’d say the same.

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