Why aren’t natural lashes good enough?


Lets get a little personal here, I’m Nisa and I’m the blogger behind ‘Redefine BeYOUtiful’. I started this campaign because, as a young woman, I find that we are so often pressured by advertisers to look a certain way. I felt as though, so many young women find it so difficult to be completely comfortable in their own skin because they are constantly told that they are not good enough and thus need a certain product to be and feel beautiful. I’ve always been somewhat resilient in the face of these kinds of pressures but I noticed, before creating this campaign, that often my conversations with my girlfriends would lead to discussions about how their eyebrows are not on-fleek enough, they don’t have Kendall Jenner’s thigh gap or “I can’t wear that crop top, look at this (nonexistent) muffin top”. I never understood it, but then I found myself researching eyelash extensions.

There’s definitely a trend in today’s society for young women to have long lashes and when you don’t, you alter yourself to look that way either by putting on eyelash extensions or applying copious amounts of mascara. This caused me to ask – when and why has natural lashes become a liability? It’s only then that I realised that there is a growing trend in the advertising industry today, to scrutinise one’s eyelashes. Needless to say, becoming one of the main contributors to our insecurities with our lashes – such a small part of our faces but one that has generated millions of dollars for the beauty industry.

Beauty Redefined, wrote a wonderful post giving us 9 reasons to ignore every ad ever and embrace your eyelashes. And we’d love for you to have a read of it!

I think we need a reality check to realise that the features we are born with are good enough. We don’t need to constantly change ourselves to be, and especially feel, beautiful. I know it’s harder said than done but lets make a conscious effort to embrace our natural lashes – because they’re beautiful, even if advertisers tells us otherwise.



6 thoughts on “Why aren’t natural lashes good enough?

  1. Really interesting comments here Nisa, I definitely share some of your sentiments. It’s crazy how beauty is becoming defined by things like how your eyebrows are shaped, or how long your lashes are. So many individuals seem to hold their beauty up to these standards. And sometimes it’s difficult not to, seeing though we’re bombarded with these images everyday; whether it be on the streets or on social media. It’s definitely easy to forget and appreciate the features that make us unique and beautiful.


  2. This was such a great read! I personally have very blonde eyelashes so have always be self conscious about them and have considered eyelash extensions so many times! But after a lot of research and hearing bad stories I decided against it. I had a talk to a male friend who reassured me that people just enjoy looking at peoples natural self and a lot of boys actually hate make up! This made me realise I just have to accept the person I am and look past my flaws and focus on the positives in life.


  3. I am a big fake eyelash addict!! The mentality to have big eyes and long lashes definitely plays a part though. Even makeup companies contribute to this new obsession with their mascaras to make your eyelashes look longer, faker, better.


  4. This trend annoys me so much! They’re eyelashes for goodness sake, I hate the fact that media glorifies some hair and not others, eyelashes and eyebrows are focused on so heavily yet a little bit of body hair sparks bucketloads of shame! I think it’s incredibly important to be able to just be comfortable and happy in your own skin, I don’t think I’d ever be the type to wear false-lashes or even care about the length of them for that matter! Great post!


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